• Keyway Broach Sets
  • The duMONT Company are proud members of ISA and NTMA

duMONT’s Keyway Broaches: Our record of design ingenuity, fast delivery, and courteous follow-up is unsurpassed.


The duMONT Company has been designing and manufacturing precision Broaches since 1945. Our Minute Man® Broaches are recognized all over the world for quality, durability, and engineering detail.

We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of Push-Type Keyway Broaches in the United States, offering broaches to a wide variety of businesses through a vast national and international distribution network. We offer a wide variety of products including the most popular combinations of Keyway Broaches and Bushings in our Keyway Sets, Individual Keyway Push Broaches, One-Pass Keyway Broaches, Production Style Keyway Broaches, Internal Hole Broaches for cutting Standard Square holes, Full Square holes, Hexagon holes, and Round holes. duMONT also has available from stock or short delivery Keyseating Broaches, and Industry Standard Pull-Type Keyway Broaches in both 500 and 600 Series as well as Special Design and Application Broaches from non-standard sized keyways and internal hole broaches to application-specific tooling.