Replacement Shims

duMONT Minute Man® Replacement Shims for use with Keyway Broaches are available for spares and to replace lost or damaged Shims. The smallest Broaches cut in one pass and require no Shim. Multiple pass Keyway Broaches are furnished with all necessary Shims unless otherwise noted. Progessive Shims may be purchased for use with our largest Keyway Broaches. A Shim is required to compensate for the thickness removed following a Keyway Broach’s cutting pass. The addition of a Shim serves to move the Broach forward towards its standard finished cutting depth. Subsequent passes require the stacking of Shims. Replacement or Extra Shims are provided in Shim sets corresponding to the Broach size and letter designation in the quantity necessary to cut to standard depth. Please specify EDP number when ordering Replacement or Extra Shims.