Custom Inserts & Applications

Blind Hole Inserts

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Blind hole cutting requires a custom insert. The insert’s composition and hardness are altered to reduce the risk of chipping. Additional design considerations are required for small diameter holes with restricted chip flow, deep hole cutting, and when working with bars of material in lathe operations. The programs used for blind hole cutting require that special attention is given to the end of each stroke and the retraction of the Insert. A straight X axis move out of the work can result in chipping of the insert. Programming assistance is available; the manufacturer, model, and controls of the machine to be used as well as a fully dimensioned drawing of the finished part are required. The proper design, insert material, and programming is essential to success.

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Cutting Keyways in a Tapered Bore

Cutting keyways in a tapered bore is made easier on CNC Lathes and Machining Centers as the tapered keyway is cut while the work piece remains within the same co-ordinate system. For burr-free parts, a chamfer feature may be added to the insert. Programing assistance is available.

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Cornering Inserts

Machine squares, hexagons, and Octagons with Inserts designed with two cutting edges intersecting at the appropriate angle 90, 120 or 135 degrees. Cut the corner, rotate the spindle (C axis) as required for the next cut (re-run of the subroutine) and repeat to completion.The same cornering inserts may be used to generate a range of sizes of the given shape by simply increasing or decreasing the tool offset.

Internal Toothing & Grooving Inserts

Inserts designed to meet industry standards (ANSI, DIN, ISO etc.) as well as non- standard geometries are available. A chamfering feature may be added in order to produce a burr-free part. One machine processing in the same coordinate system promotes product uniformity and processing efficiencies.

The following are examples of the advantages of using the CNC equipment’s “C” axis and positioning capabilities to generate more complex patterns or shapes.

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Positioning or Timing of Internal Keyways

Positioning or timing of internal keyways to external work- piece features may also be accomplished. The availability of the “C” axis and machining center positioning make easy work of Multiple Keyway Requirements 90°, 180°, etc. duMONT will provide programming assistance if desired.

ISO9001-2000 Man [Converted]

Grooving Inserts

Grooving Inserts may be designed to produce a wide range of shapes. The insert then orientated by the “C” axis and machining center positioning is able to cut a wide range of combinations in the I.D. of the bore. Often reducing set-up and machining time as well as tooling cost. The duMONT Company is happy to provide programming assistance for all end-users.

ISO9001-2000 Man [Converted]

Toothing Inserts

Toothing Inserts designed to meet industry standards are available with a shorter lead time and lower cost than a conventional broaching tool. Reducing both delivery time to your customer and the risk/exposure of using more expense tooling. The positioning of the CNC Lathe with a “C” axis and CNC machining centers allow for endless configurations.The duMONT Company is happy to provide programming assistance for all end-users.

Additional CNC Lathe Applications

The following is a limited list of CNC lathe applications:

  • Involute Internal Gears
  • Keyways in a Tapered Bore
  • Straight Keyways in a Bore
  • Multiple Keyways within a Bore
  • A Square in a Turned Hub
  • A Hexagon in a Turned Pulley

Let us Meet Your Custom Needs:

What We Need to Know:

If you require a custom item we are pleased to design and manufacture the tools to meet your specific needs.

What we need to know if you require a special item:

  1. A fully dimensioned drawing of the finished part is required
  2. The type of material to be processed
  3. The manufacture, model, and controls of the machine to be used
  4. Number of pieces to be machined

If you have questions do not hesitate to call (413) 773-3674 or email