Holders for Keyway & Slotting Inserts

Tool holders designed to work exclusively with The duMONT Company’s keyway and slotting inserts are heat treated tool steel, hardened to 58/60 HRC at the insert seat providing resistance to deformation and longer tool life. Most tool holders provide two 3.5mm holes for thru tool coolant delivery promoting lubrication, cooling and chip flushing improving finish and tool performance. Available in 25mm (.984 inch) and 32mm (1.260 inch) diameters in both standard and long lengths designated by –S and –L respectively.


Always confirm that the first digit in the description of the tool holder size matches the tool holder size referenced for the insert to be used — i.e. tool holder description 6-25-S (EDP# 99008) could be used with inserts (EDP# 99209) 1⁄4 Inch or (EDP# 99406) 6mm. 

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Custom orders: We are fully capable of providing custom inserts and tool holders to meet your specifications and requirements.  Keyways, cornering tools, (square, hexagon, etc.), internal toothing and grooving (spline and serration) to ANSI, DIN and ISO standards are available.  See custom inserts and applications.