Square Adaptors

Square adaptors are available in two sizes for use with either 25mm or 32mm tool holders. The adaptors provide a method for allowing the Tooling System to be used on traditional machines such as slotting and shaping machines. Manufactured from 39NiCrMo3 steel, heat treated and then blued, the adaptor provides two holes 12 MA threaded for use with two flat head M12 x 8 screws to secure the tool holder in place. The square adaptor offers a locating slot on each of the four sides.

Square Adaptor

Custom orders: We are fully capable of providing custom inserts and tool holders to meet your specifications and requirements.  Keyways, cornering tools, (square, hexagon, etc.), internal toothing and grooving (spline and serration) to ANSI, DIN and ISO standards are available.  See custom inserts and applications.

Tool Holders
Shank Dia. (D1)
Width & Height (L1) Overall Length (L2) Locking Bolt Holes (L3) Locating Slot Width (L4) Locating Slot Depth (L5)
EDP# Description mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm Inch
99535 SA-35 25 .984 35 1.378 90 3.543 40 1.575 6 .236 10 .394
99540 SA-40 32 1.260 40 1.575 100 3.937 50 1.969 6 .236 10 .394