How to Purchase

Call Your Industrial Distributor: Your industrial distributor is your best source for Minute Man ® Broaches. If your, regular distributor does not carry duMONT products or for special technical assistance contact us and we will be happy to give you the name of your nearest duMONT distributor or connect you with our Engineering Department. Contact us at (413) 773-3674 / (800) 628-9648, email or fax (413) 773-8430.

Fast Delivery: An order for stock items placed by your industrial distributor with us by 2PM EST will often be shipped on the same working day.

General Ordering Information: When ordering stock Minute Man® Broaches from your distributor, please specify EDP No., size, and description to ensure proper fulfillment. Reminder: All required Shims are provided, any exceptions are noted. Broach and Bushing Style must match “A” Broaches used with “A” Bushings, “B” Broaches with “B” Bushings, etc. also Standard Square Broaches leave a slight radius on the four flats. Full Square Broaches which leave no radii are also available.

Transportation: All shipments are made via United Parcel Service where weight limitations allow. Alternative carriers, express shipments, both surface and air, are available at your request. Shipments are F.O.B. Greenfield, MA unless otherwise stated.

Prices: Please contact us for current pricing or refer to current price list for prices on all stock items. Prices are subject to change without notice.