Custom Application Broaches

specialThe duMONT Company has been designing and manufacturing custom broach tooling for specific applications since its beginning in 1945. duMONT can design custom broach tooling to your specific application, or our engineers can work with your broach prints. Each broach is designed by taking into careful consideration the nature of the starting hole, the shape of cut, tolerance, the length of cut, material to be broached, the number of pieces to be broached and the requirements of your press or broaching machine. Custom broaches are engineered to provide the correct tooth form, and pitch for the material specified and the required length of cut. A variety of high-speed tool steels and coating options are considered, given the characteristics of the material to be broached. We are fully equipped to manufacture push and pull-type keyways, push and pull internal hole broaches or surface broaches. Custom features such as chamfering or de-burring features are readily available.

The duMONT Company offers knowledgeable technical support just a  call or email away. We will modify stock broaches whenever possible to meet your needs for both cost effectiveness and shorter delivery. We will work to meet or exceed your delivery requirements whether working from our extensive supply of semi-finished blanks or starting from raw material. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing broaches for custom applications makes duMONT Minute Man® a complete source for all your broaching needs whether they are for research and development, prototype work, or production runs.

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