Custom Designs

Keyway Broaches

The duMONT Company manufactures custom keyway broaches in either Push or pull-type in both American standard and metric sizes. Custom application multi-pass push keyway broaches and One-Pass Keyway Broaches which require the appropriate guide bushing can often be manufactured from an existing blank for quick delivery. One-pass push keyway broaches are also available in a self-guiding production style that require no guide bushing. Both one-pass push-type styles, as well as their pull-type counterparts, are available with a custom chamfer feature that will deburr the keyway bore interface. Double-keyway and keyseating broaches are also available. Pull-type broaches are available with a variety of pull ends – threaded, notched, pin, and automatic to name a few.


Surface Broaches

Surface broaches are available as either individual broaches or as inserts for broaching flat surfaces, irregular shapes, external forms, concave or convex surfaces, serrations, cam-shaped, corner squaring, and dovetails.


Internal Hole Broaches

Internal hole broaches in push and pull-type including sSquare, hHexagon, rRound, D-Hole, double-D, rectangular, inverted keyway, and irregularly shaped broaches are all readily available. Broaches for burnishing, sizing and combination or cut and finish applications are also manufactured as either push or pull-type. Pull-type broaches are available with a variety of pull ends – threaded, notched, pin, and automatic to name a few.


Spline Broaches

Spline broaches specifically designed and manufactured for your application, The duMONT Company offers straight sided, involute spline, and serration broaches in both push or pull-type designs. Due to the complex nature of these tools a customer part print is required. Pull-type broaches are available with a variety of pull ends – threaded, notched, pin, and automatic to name a few.


The duMONT Company’s custom broaches can be ordered from your industrial distributor. Check to see if a standard item will serve your needs, before ordering a custom broach. Using standard items means off-the-shelf delivery and substantially lower cost. When standard items are not appropriate, we would be pleased to design and manufacture a broach to meet your specific needs.

Let us Meet Your Custom Broach Requirements

What We Need to Know:

Contact us anytime with any questions or Request a Quote today. A fully dimensioned drawing of the finished part, casting, forging, or broach would be most helpful.  When a blueprint is unavailable, the following information should be provided:

  1. Description of Cut (size/shape/tolerance)
  2. Length of cut
  3. Type of material to be broached
  4. Size and shape of hole or surface to be broached (for cast holes, give minimum hole size, including draft and fillet radii, if any)
  5. For keyway broaches give:
    1. Minimum bore size
    2. Depth of keyway across bore
    3. Width of keyway
    4. Tolerance
  6. Type of broaching machine (push or pull/tonnage/ram travel/daylight/opening)
  7. Number of pieces to broach