Our History


duMONT Minute Man® has been producing Broaching tools that are known for quality, durability, design ingenuity and fast delivery since 1945. Established by William “Zuke” duMONT shortly after World War II as U.S. manufacturing transitioned from war time demands to the needs of the post war economy. The company pioneered in the development of Standard Broaches which could be purchased off-the-shelf through industrial distributors verses the then traditional factory direct sales method, requiring custom manufacturing, adding cost and extended delivery of the tools. duMONT standardized Keyway and Internal Hole Broaches, first in American Standard sizes up to one inch, then in corresponding Metric sizes. The value of off-the-shelf Broaching Tools and the standardization, was well received by industrial distributors and end users alike. Exporting efforts began in 1948 and quickly duMONT Minute Man® Broaches were recognized throughout the international metalworking markets.

Well known since 1945 for standard duMONT Minute Man® Broaches, Keyways, Squares and Hexagons, the marketplace at times forgets that duMONT, since the beginning, has been designing and manufacturing Special Broach tooling for specific applications. Our Broaches have been used across a wide variety of industries in research and development, proto-type work, and production. Our many longer term distributors and end users have provided unofficial certification of our quality, and service over the years. Our ISO registration in 1994 only served to confirm what they already knew.

Throughout the years duMONT has continued to refine and improve its manufacturing, design and customer service. New technologies offering increased value to our products and services have been adopted and allow duMONT to maintain its reputation of excellence. The number of years in the Broach industry of both the company and our staff speaks volumes to the experience level duMONT brings to each and every broach produced. We continue to partner with our manufacturers’ representatives and industrial distributors while identifying the importance of maintaining our availability to the end users of our product. Methods of communication have changed tremendously since 1945. The added value of relationships developed by taking the time to communicate and providing personal attention continues to remain important to how The duMONT Company, LLC does business.