The duMONT Company: In Love with Broaching since 1945

Happy Valentines Day from the duMONT Company

The duMONT Company opened it’s doors in 1945 and has been making broaches ever since. Today The duMONT Company is the leading manufacturers of Push-Type keyway broaches in the United States. What does it take to survive several economic downturns, continual advances in manufacturing, and a vast change in technology? Love.

The duMONT Company has grown into its position as a leader in the broaching industry as it has always loved what it has done. Over the past 70 years, we have worked hard to innovate new broaching technologies that will reduce the cost to our customer while making them more productive. We have formed partnerships with family businesses like Somma Tools which allow us to provide customers with rotary broaches. Today the leaders of The duMONT Company serve on employment-taskforce boards within our communities to ensure the economic health of our region.

Today many people are celebrating the love in their relationships, today The duMONT Company is celebrating because we love what we do!

Introducing The duMONT Company’s Distributor Locator!

The duMONT Company is happy to announce the release of a distributor locator on the Previously the only way for end-users to find a distributor was call The duMONT Company headquarters at 413-773-3674 and speak to a customer service representative. Although our customer services team is always happy to chat with you, the distributor locator allows customers to find a distributor near them just by entering their zip code.

“We want to make the buying process as user-friendly as possible,” said President, Eric Hagopian. This new feature has already proved to be successful for several customers who were pleased to find several distributors in their area that they had not previously known about.

There are currently over 500 distributors of broaches manufactured by The duMONT Company listed on the locator. To see distributors which carry The duMONT Company products visit and look at the upper left- hand corner the navigation menu.

Distributor Locator Coming February 7th!

On Tuesday February 7th The duMONT Company will launch it’s distributor locator page. The page will be found on the website in the main menu. The page will allow users to enter their zip code or their client’s zip code and find a distributor nearby.

“This feature should be very helpful to distributors who are looking to supply their clients while cutting down on delivery or transit costs” said Cheyenne Bayse, Marketing Manager for The duMONT Company.



GREENFIELD, MA. (January 26, 2017) — The duMONT Company congratulates SIG SAUER, makers of high-quality firearms, on securing a $580 million dollar contract with the United States Army. The contract was awarded on January 19th and names SIG SAUER as makers of the Army’s service pistols. The Army spent several years searching for a replacement to the 9mm M9 Beretta which had been used for nearly 30 years. Although Beretta, Smith & Wesson, and Glock were also vetted it was SIG SAUER’s P320 Model that won the contract.

Army Times reports the SIG SAUER pistol is a polymer striker-fired pistol which allows the user to interchange grips and firing calibers as needed. The pistol comes in both full size and compact models. All models will be made at SIG SAUER’s US corporate headquarters in Newington, NH which will produce and deliver the firearm to the Army over a period of ten years.


Matt Hagopian, The duMONT Company’s Director of Operations says “The duMONT Company is proud to work with such a tremendous company.” Currently, the duMONT Company provides SIG SAUER with a custom CNC broaching system to barrel extensions.

New-The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System

Experience a new type of Broaching with

The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System


 duMONT “Minute Man” Broaches supplying your Off the Shelf and Special Broaching needs since 1945 is proud to introduce The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System.  Single Point Inserts and Holders designed for use on a wide variety of machines – CNC Lathes and Machining Centers, as well as Conventional Lathes, Shapers and Slotting Machines.  The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System components are available from stock or can be designed to the customer’s needs – offering flexibilty, convenience and off the shelf delivery or very short turn around.  Utilize The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System for Grooving, Toothing, Positioning or Timing of Internal Keyways, Cutting Keyways in a Tapered Bore and Cornering operations.  Complete broaching applications as an additional step while the part remains in place on the machine and within the same coordinate system as previous operations.   The duMONT “Minute Man” Tooling System creates new opportunities for applications not possible with Conventional Broaching.  Experience a new type of Broaching.

Enhanced Capabilities


The duMONT Company, LLC makers of Minute Man® Broaches is pleased to announce a recent increase in our manufacturing capabilities. Through the addition of new equipment duMONT is now able to produce broach tooling to sixty inches in length. Our investment allows us to provide you with the exceptional service you deserve across a wider range of quality tools. Please make a note to call us on your requirements for broaching tools up to 60 inches long. We certainly look forward to demonstrating to you, what so many customers have known for years – easy access to personal attention, outstanding technical support, quality products and outstanding deliveries.

New & Enhanced Website

The duMONT Company, LLC is proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website the same address, with a whole new look. The focus continues to be the delivery of product specifications in a cleaner, crisper, format with enhanced site navigation. The goal is to insure is a valuable resource providing the information you need and the necessary duMONT Minute Man® contacts for those questions that have not been answered. We are pleased with the outcome and wish to thank USM Interactive for the tremendous guidance provided and quality work produced. We encourage our distributor partners and end users to take a moment and review the site ( Your feedback is always appreciated.