Broach Re-sharpening

Broaches, regardless of type, should never be used when dull. The use of a dull Broach may cause drifting, breakage, and damage to the teeth. Correct and timely re-sharpening will increase Broach life and quality of parts. The necessity to sharpen a Broach is dependent on numerous factors; material, tolerance, and required finish, etc.

A number of conditions indicate the need for sharpening:

  1. Poor finish, tears, galling, etc. on the workpiece.
  2. Cutting edges showing signs of rollover and teeth dull to the touch.
  3. When using a Hydraulic Press, the pressure gage showing an increase in pressure required to complete the cut or in Hand Operated Arbor Press applications an increase in required effort to complete the required cut.
  4. Nicks, gouges, etc. in the teeth from improper handling.
  5. Broach sticking in the workpiece, pick-up on tops of teeth.
  6. Holes gauging undersize.

duMONT Minute Man® offers expert Broach re-sharpening services, with the goal to restore the cutting edges of the Broach to its original condition. Broaches returned for this service are each individually examined and specific regrind instructions are generated for the reconditioning of the tool. Broaches exhibiting excessive wear are evaluated to insure a re-sharpening is appropriate or if it is time to consider replacing the tool. The re-sharpening process is a precision operation, under or over sharpening will produce unsatisfactory results. Removing too much material in the re-sharpening process can dramatically reduce tool life. Improper re-sharpening can result in a departure from original tooth form, creating under sized parts, compromised cutting action and potentially causing irreparable damage. Correct sharpening ensures satisfactory production in terms of time efficiency, conformance to specifications and finish. duMONT Minute Man® is fully equipped to provide expert re-sharpening services. We need to evaluate the Broach, to insure it is able to be adequately reconditioned. Based on this examination a quote for re-sharpening would be provided. Please contact the factory for details.