Length of Cut

duMONT Minute Man® Broaches are designed to be used in operations where a minimum of two teeth are engaged at all times. Tooth engagement is required to maintain a smooth cutting action promoting a clean finish. The chip generated during the cutting process must be contained within the gullet of the tooth to avoid binding of the tool. This could cause potential damage to the Broach, the workpiece and injury to the operator. Appropriate chip load allows for smooth cutting, and improved tool life. All individual stock Broaches have recommended Minimum and Maximum Length of Cut guidelines which should be followed. The required force necessary to achieve the Maximum Length of Cut is also provided with the individual Broach specifications. Workpieces may be stacked to establish the Minimum Length of Cut, or to improve the efficiencies of the operation as long as Maximum Length of Cut is not exceeded. Proper nesting and clamping of stacked parts is vital when this approach is taken. The Maximum Length of Cut with Push-Type Keyway Broaches should not exceed the length of the Bushing being used. Reminder: “A” Style Broaches are used with “A” Style Bushings, “B” Style Broaches with “B” Style Bushings, etc. duMONT Minute Man® Special Push-Type and Pull-Type Broaches often can be designed to accommodate your specific length of cut requirements. Please contact factory for details.