Set-Up and Alignment

special-broachingduMONT Minute Man® Broaches are designed for fast, accurate, and convenient broaching with either Arbor or Hydraulic Presses. Successful broaching begins with proper Set-up, and Alignment of the Broach, workpiece and ram. Attention to these details will provide a stable workpiece, and prevent drifting, deflection or even breakage caused by misalignment. The workpiece must be solidly fixed or nested perfectly square with the baseplate and ram face. Make sure all square and parallel surfaces on the face of the ram and baseplate remain true. It is essential to maintain a rigid set-up at all times and caution should be taken when stacking parts to maintain the integrity of the set-up. Never attempt to exceed the Broach’s specified Maximum Length of Cut. Do not use a dull Broach, this increases the danger of breakage. At the beginning of a cut, be sure the Broach is centered under the ram. Proper alignment is important.  After the Broach starts to cut, back off pressure on the ram allowing the Broach to center itself, providing for better alignment.  If the Broach moves out of alignment after starting cut, back off the pressure on the ram and align the broach itself.  Repeat this procedure during successive cuts. This will assure a perfectly straight broached hole.

Suggestions for a drifting or “hogging” Push-Type Keyway Broach:

  1. Reverse workpiece or turn Broach so teeth face toward the back of the press.
  2. Let the Bushing protrude above the workpiece to give more support to the back of the Broach, thereby helping to keep it aligned. If a collared Bushing is used, place it upside down under the workpiece.