Ram Adapter Use



Ram Adapters are used for broaching applications that require Round, Special Shapes such as Oval, D-Holes and Rectangular as well as Square, and Hexagon Broaches 1/4″ and 6mm or smaller. A Ram Adapter would also be recommended in situations where an extraordinary high degree of accuracy is required. These Adapters are also referred to as rear guides and provide support and guidance for the Broach at the shank end, minimizing the possibility of deflection or breakage. When an Adapter is used as a rear guide for the Broach, the hole in the Ram Adapter must be in alignment with the pilot hole in the workpiece. It is important a Ram Adapter provides a tight, true fit to both the press ram and to the Broach shank. An adapter may also be used to allow the shanks of smaller Internal Hole Broaches to be gripped to avoid deflection and breakage.