Machining Considerations-Guidance Table of Feeds, Speeds & Pressure Required

When planning to use the Tooling System always refer to the Stock Insert Tables on American Standard and Metric Insert specifications. Be aware of the Minimum Bore Diameter an Insert can be used in as well as the Pressure Required (Pounds) to achieve a cut. Unlike typical Broaching applications in which multiple teeth are engaged at one time, the Tooling System and single edge cutting requires considerably less force. The use of your equipment for this process should be confirmed with your machine manufacturer. It is necessary on larger cuts 12mm or 1/2 inch Keyways and above to cut in two operations, a roughing pass with a smaller width insert (Approximate 1⁄2 required width) and finishing pass at the desired width. This approach reduces the Pressure Required. The Thru Tool Coolant, providing lubrication, cooling, and chip flushing, improves finish and performance but does not remove the challenges associated with Blind Hole Cutting.

When Blind Hole Cutting a Special Insert is required. The Insert’s composition and hardness is altered to reduce the risk of chipping. The CNC programs used for Blind Hole Cutting require that special attention be given to the end of each stroke and the retraction of the Insert. A straight X axis move out of the work can result in chipping of the Insert. Programming assistance is available; the manufacturer, model, and controls of the machine to be used as well as a fully dimensioned drawing of the finished part are required. Allow us to put our experience to work for you.

In the CNC program it is necessary to establish an approaching value which accounts for the “cord”, the distance from the center of the cutting edge of the Insert to I.D. of the bore at the point the corners of the Insert contact the I.D. of the bore. This distance is a function of Insert width and Bore Diameter. The approaching value being sufficiently lower than the diameter of the bore avoids damage to the Insert. A table providing the Feed, Speed and Pressure Required for various materials when cut with Stock Inserts is provided for guidance.

View Table for Machining Considerations

Specials: We are fully capable of providing Special Inserts and Tool Holders to meet your specifications and requirements.  Keyways, Cornering Tools, (Square, Hexagon, etc.), Internal Toothing and Grooving (Spline and Serration) to ANSI, DIN and ISO Standards are available.  See Special Inserts and Applications.