The duMONT Company: In Love with Broaching since 1945

Happy Valentines Day from the duMONT Company

The duMONT Company opened it’s doors in 1945 and has been making broaches ever since. Today The duMONT Company is the leading manufacturers of Push-Type keyway broaches in the United States. What does it take to survive several economic downturns, continual advances in manufacturing, and a vast change in technology? Love.

The duMONT Company has grown into its position as a leader in the broaching industry as it has always loved what it has done. Over the past 70 years, we have worked hard to innovate new broaching technologies that will reduce the cost to our customer while making them more productive. We have formed partnerships with family businesses like Somma Tools which allow us to provide customers with rotary broaches. Today the leaders of The duMONT Company serve on employment-taskforce boards within our communities to ensure the economic health of our region.

Today many people are celebrating the love in their relationships, today The duMONT Company is celebrating because we love what we do!